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Policy for P/NP Grading in Spring & Summer 2021

1. The deadline to switch between letter graded and P/NP has been pushed back to the last day of instruction for Spring (June 4, 2021) and Summer (Check the Deadline for each Summer Session).

2. Departments may “opt in” and allow Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021 courses for which a student has earned a P to count toward major requirements.

  • If a department decides to opt in, all the department’s courses, even those currently restricted to letter grade, will have the P/NP option for the term.
  • If a department decides to opt in, courses from another department that meet major requirements may be taken P/NP if the course allows optional grading.

3. Students on Academic Probation may take courses P/NP in Winter, Spring and Summer 2021.

4. Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021 courses taken P/NP will count as letter-graded units for the purpose of fulfilling the University Letter Grade Requirement of a minimum 120  (or 2/3rds of units completed) letter-graded units.

Departments OPTING IN to Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021 P/NP Policy
ArtAsian American Studies
Chicana/o Studies
Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology (CCSP; minor)Comparative Literature
Earth Science
East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies
Education (minor)
Environmental Studies
Feminist Studies
Film and Media Studies
French & Italian
History of Art & Architecture
Latin American and Iberian Studies (LAIS)
Physics (as well as CCS Physics)
Psychological & Brain Sciences
Religious Studies
Spanish and Portuguese
Theater and Dance
Writing Program (minor)

Departments OPTING OUT of Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021 P/NP Policy
Black Studies
Chemistry (as well as CCS Chemistry)CommunicationEconomics
EEMB and MCDB (as well as CCS Biology)
Germanic & Slavic Studies
Global Studies
Mathematics (as well as CCS Mathematics)
Political Science
Statistics and Applied Probability

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