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Working remotely, especially under these unique circumstances, presents its own benefits and challenges. We want to share some tips we’ve learned in developing our online platforms, which will help you be as productive as possible with your new remote studies and our new tutorials. We also hope this will help you make the most of your own space while you navigate the wider virtual campus landscape of your lectures, sections, and labs.

Some considerations…

  • First: Be flexible, patient, and kind with yourself and with others.
  • Create a schedule with a study plan that has defined start and stop times. Set realistic daily goals for yourself and write them down in your schedule. Don’t forget to schedule time to organize your tasks.  Making these daily routines will set you up for success!
  • Make sure you aren’t overloading yourself with tasks back-to-back that are high-energy. Try to vary high-energy and low-energy tasks (For example: a difficult homework assignment followed by a short break and then reading). 
  • Leave time between tasks for breaks and to transition between tasks. 
  • Create boundaries (temporal and physical) between work, self-care, and social time. 
  • Set up a special space just for school work, if one is available. Make sure you have all the materials you need (note paper, pen, etc.) and a place to keep information you may need to reference regularly.
  • Cater to your focus! Check your space for visual and auditory distractions. You can do this easily by sitting quietly for a few minutes in the space and noticing any sounds or things that catch your eye or ear.  
  • Stay physically active (if possible, stand up and walk around!)
  • Engage in interactive platforms. Make sure you participate in online discussions and with your professor/TA during their office hours. This will help you feel more connected to your classes.
  • Take time to disconnect from news and social media.
  • Ask for help! Don’t suffer in silence. You are not alone, someone else probably has the same questions.

Guidance for online participation with CLAS:

  • Schedule specific time and place with ZERO distractions (including phone) while you are participating in CLAS Groups (that goes for lectures, too!)
  • Attempt real-time lecture problems prior to viewing CLAS online groups.
  • Be sure to have specific questions to be answered by CLAS Instructors (even if a CLAS group is pre-recorded, many Instructors will be patching in to answer questions as you go in chat boxes.
  • CLAS cannot stress the first bullet point here enough: Discipline outweighs motivation when working in personal space.

And finally, be sure to check out all the Services that CLAS offers.

We are the same CLAS faces in new cyber spaces. We’ll be here waiting for you…always just a click away.

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